Najjači komadi 2022

Cover Komad Točke POP
1SOP160tachyon - I thought tears float in space, so why do mine still run down my face?326.570100
2SOP164nosferatu3285 - Nothing Personal261.34080
3SOP162See Me, It's Easy - All About The Ride121.55337
4SOP160tachyon - Ministrstvo za vesolje95.06029
5SOP156Lila Giljotina - Žalio Vyno91.82228
6SOP156Lila Giljotina - Duhovi82.19325
7SOP156Lila Giljotina - Ding Dong Bell57.50018
8SOP161morvern - Grave Diggers55.90017
9SOP156Lila Giljotina - Petsto Pinj53.36016
10SOP164nosferatu3285 - Dreamers52.64016
11SOP164nosferatu3285 - Dream Sister43.23013
12SOP176tachyon - The Cosmic Journey Through Space And Time41.34013
13SOP157Moot Moon - Zar si me napustila sad40.77312
14SOP164nosferatu3285 - Amika38.56012
15SOP156Lila Giljotina - Negative Space32.67010
16SOP164nosferatu3285 - Cliffs31.62010
17SOP164nosferatu3285 - Not Going Back to Allston28.3009
18SOP155H!PE - No clue27.1208
19SOP163Jezus posluša - Jezus posluša26.2808
20SOP161morvern - Death of King Toro24.9008
21SOP164nosferatu3285 - Stop Making Sense24.1507
22SOP164nosferatu3285 - Dangerous Liaisons23.4507
23SOP164nosferatu3285 - Everybody's Waiting21.6007
24SOP164nosferatu3285 - Ghosts21.2507
25SOP164nosferatu3285 - Outside20.8506
26SOP164nosferatu3285 - Silence Between Us20.0006
27SOP160tachyon - Kaleidoscope associated product19.8106
28SOP161morvern - Prequel to King Toro's Death18.7206
29SOP161morvern - The Eye17.2805
30SOP160tachyon - Tachyon's in love (sad boy now happy doing computer music in his room)17.1505
31SOP147Lord Nap - Kids16.5935
32SOP156Lila Giljotina - 505 s Crtom (feat. Del Mar)16.5905
33SOP161morvern - Goblin Dwellers15.7505
34SOP152Lord Nap - Sun, The Sun15.5405
35SOP155H!PE - Combust14.9135
36SOP162See Me, It's Easy - Veter14.5204
37SOP160tachyon - Star oasis mongolian love serum14.3004
38SOP156Lila Giljotina - Tiamin14.1404
39SOP162See Me, It's Easy - Catch a Wave12.8504
40SOP160tachyon - Halomonas titanicae12.7004
41SOP159Lord Nap - Glue10.1603
42SOP163Jezus posluša - NojKen!9.9203
43SOP146Lord Nap - Source Code9.5403
44SOP145Vsi so u bendu - Sise u bendu9.3303
45SOP147Lord Nap - Potion8.6003
46SOP160tachyon - Sand me your email information, or I will cry a sea of tears8.5403
47SOP156Lila Giljotina - Appadurai7.9102
48SOP152Lord Nap - Mellow Ordinary7.3202
49SOP178KL - KL0018 rostfraj version7.1432
50SOP160tachyon - Galaxy spoon retractor that makes little noises when you rub it just the right way7.1002
51SOP160tachyon - Department of spaceman obscurity7.0502
52SOP161morvern - Final Battle7.0502
53SOP159Lord Nap - Bliss7.0402
54SOP178KL - KL0018 thrash version6.7502
55SOP152Lord Nap - The Bad6.4002
56SOP178KL - KL0012 yours in unknown quadrant5.9102
57SOP162See Me, It's Easy - Vrata5.7302
58SOP159Lord Nap - Lucid Meadow5.5602
59SOP155H!PE - Silverstar5.4402
60SOP159Lord Nap - Arrays In My Stupid Brain5.4402
61SOP161morvern - Altered States5.1332
62SOP148Rimjob Texas - Venček telesnih ogledal4.8001
63SOP161morvern - Hope Survives4.6501
64SOP146Lord Nap - Symbiotic Creator4.1601
65SOP161morvern - Hell's Sun4.1501
66SOP149Tejp Rikordr - Polly wants a crack err3.9401
67SOP161morvern - King Toro vs Ancient Beast3.9001
68SOP175Lord Nap - Silent Night3.8401
69SOP159Lord Nap - Borderlines3.6801
70SOP172morvern - Blueberry Pie3.4401
71SOP162See Me, It's Easy - Muscaria3.3601
72SOP155H!PE - How do you feel?3.1401
73SOP173Šovinjista! - E3.1201
74SOP155H!PE - Slut2.6401
75SOP149Tejp Rikordr - Surfin_2.0801
76SOP173Šovinjista! - Zdej gremo fukat, stari (Outro)1.4700
77SOP149Tejp Rikordr - Loverboy1.2200
78SOP152Lord Nap - Highway, As Expected9330
79SOP170Lord Nap - Butterfly Effect9330
80SOP148Rimjob Texas - Telesni ritem9330
81SOP150S. Moki - wisky9330
82SOP172morvern - Helpless9330
83SOP176tachyon - God's in his heaven, all's right with the world9330
84SOP158Lord Nap - Spear9330