Žongler Mastif - Flowers for Abe

ŠOP #066 | 2017/11/05

I was at band camp once. It wasn’t a conventional setting, we made compositions from field recordings that we made throughout the duration of the camp. It was called a workshop, but basically, it was a band camp. So this one time, at band camp, there was this Italian guy who was so into music that he really didn’t speak about anything else. First two sentences from him were like: “Hi, how are you? Do you know Arca?” Then he would disappear and when everyone was getting worried, he would suddenly reappear again. And he would constantly make us watch and listen YouTube videos from various artists and then he would go on and say their names with funny Italian accent. For instance, he would call Autechre something like: “Outekr.” So anyway, during our final evening together, he proceeded to show us one particularly insane jungle mix, probably a DJ set by RDJ or something. Just hectic all over the place drill sounds, that sort of stuff. And there was this German guy, an eminent man, who just plainly remarked, slightly to himself, but we could still hear him pretty well. So he said this with a thick German accent, like Werner Herzog would say it: “This is not my moosic.”


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