MRVRN BEDROOM DAYS - Intentalo de Demos

ŠOP #100 | 2020/03/26

morvern zagreje, ko zabrije.

“Hi, Jan here. First off, I hope you are all doing well in these chaotic times. I would like to thank you all for listening to this compilation of demos & outtakes from “Intentalo de Nuevo”, my debut album for ŠOP records. You can find demos for all of the songs, except for “Long Lost Friend” & “Dominique” that were never recorded as such. And I’ve also included two outtakes & alternative version for “Tickin’ to Her Heartbeat”. The picture on the cover was taken during the sessions for the “Intentalo de Nuevo” cover. It reminds me of simple, more peaceful times.
Most of the songs were recorded in April 2019. I tracked ’em in the living room of my old apartment when it was raining a lot. If you listen closely you can actually hear raindrops falling on the windows here and there.”


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