Trinajst - Culture of Ongoing Violence, Insecurity and Distress

ŠOP #104 | 2020/05/23

Nemirno-temačnjaški solo prvenec.


‘Culture of Ongoing Violence, Insecurity and Distress’ is a debut release of Ivo Lozej (Iamdisease, ex-The Hoax Program, ex-Elodea, ex-LowPunch). His first solo venture Trinajst came to life during the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. Most of the songs have been produced in April 2020 and reflect hectic weeks of ‘stay home’ slogans, civil rights repression, psychological distress, insecuriy and overall unease both at home and in the world.

Music & Artwork & Design by Trinajst
Mixing and Mastering by Santiago Ponce de León
Released via Storm Inside Records and ŠOP Records

Artisti na plati:Trinajst


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