morvern - How Are You?

ŠOP #106 | 2020/06/19

morvern se vrača z uštimano klasiko, nas sprejme na večnem kruzu v svoji ljubi družbi.

Howdy yo!

This one is my country album. Where i grew up there are many people who sincerely listen to country music, wear cowboy hats and live the country scene, well this record can’t be referred to those. To live in a country always had a special appeal to me, so maybe this album is just me cowboy living in a city and dreaming of people from the land.

Before I realized that surroundings don’t necessarily define who you are, I felt very uncomfortable in the company of that nature.

I wrote these songs in January and then recorded them in the next two months. I played all the instruments and did the final mix.
It was all done in the bedroom I’m sitting right now.
With my desk against the window and four-track to my left.
So it’s kinda like, I look out to the mighty mountains in the horizon, write these songs, turn around, turn the tape machine on and voila!

Thank you,

brothers and sisters, all-mighty ŠOP, mama & papa and Kara for such lovely artwork.

Much love, Jan


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