Pafu Pafu - Master Roshi’s Cosmic Journey

ŠOP #231 | 2023/11/08

Smooth sajkedelik zen master na pejotlu.

Je povedu: “

When Pafu Pafu isn’t jamming in their attic spaceship-turned-studio, you can find them meditating on the secrets of the universe, arguing about the color of Pluto, or just floating through the cosmos in search of the ultimate 420 space taco.

So, if you’re ready to join the band on their mind-melting, dimension-bending voyage, fasten your seatbelt (or spacesuit) and get ready to experience ‘Master Roshi’s Cosmic Journey.'”

Artisti na plati:Pafu Pafu


- 2023-11-14: RŠ + MARŠ: 100db

- 2023-11-15: RŠ + MARŠ: 100db Radio MARŠ