Lil Bini - Bedroom Demons

ŠOP #105 | 2020/06/07

Ezoterično svetovni na hard banging trap iz Zasavja.

Produkcija, miks in master by DrippinCheez.
Dream Girl produkcija by DrippinCheez x Taurs.


I have always wished to have my own music officially released, I always felt a special connection to making music. It takes me away to a special place, which is hard to describe, but it takes me closer to heaven, or to something, which represents heaven through my perspective and mind. I always hoped to grow through music into something more sufficient and solid.

Most of the songs are freestyles, recorded on random beats. They were recorded in 2019, thats why they didn’t really capture the vibe, feelings and the reality of the world at this very moment. I always pictured myself in a guitar/rock band, not what I’m doing right now, but the vibe is the same. Through my years I learned to see certain vibes/energies, call it whatever, but I can feel them and sometimes, focusing hard enough, I can pull them and use them. It is weird, but I just can’t accept the fact that it isn’t true. Maybe this is all part of the process, where I learn and grow.

I was trying to put out this album for several months now, and it just didn’t happen. Everything happens for a reason. Around January I started to work with my gucci companion DrippinCheez, and he produced all the beats for the album over my already recorded vocals. That was a trip. He also mastered and mixed the whole album, and helped me record the vocals again with a better mic. Without my good old friend Jan, all this wouldn’t be possible. He is the reason I make music, he showed me that it is possible if you work hard, believe and be consistent, No fear holland! We all have fears, so do I, but I wanna loose this fear, I let the fear control my life for far too long, I have enough, so join me and lets loose it together.

Thank you ŠopRecords aswell, thank you Tit for accepting me and my crusade.

Thanks to all my friends who love me like I love them. Thanks to all my kundabini friends from the outer worlds <3.


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