Trinajst - Twentytwenty

ŠOP #119 | 2020/11/13

Nemirno-temačnjaški solo naslednik, fusionesque moderne.


‘Twentytwenty” is a continuation, an extension of a few months older Trinajst’s debut ‘Culture of Ongoing Violence, Insecurity and Distress’. Although in its essence it’s a similar musical journey based around cornucopia of rather dismal global events, it’s also a step forward from a mere bedroom experiment to a more focused take on various musical shapes. Extending from oppressive sludgy vibes all the way to explosive jazz and playful electronic music, it offers a befitting soundtrack to 2020.

Music, artwork & design by Trinajst
Piano in ‘Freedom As An Obsolete Primitive State’ by Alen Grižonič
Mixing and mastering by Santiago Ponce de León in October/November 2020
Released by Storm Inside Records and ŠOP Records

Artisti na plati:Trinajst


- 2020-11-17: Radio Študent: 100db

- 2020-11-18: Radio Študent: Svaštarnica

- 2020-11-18: Radio Študent: Desadovnjak

- 2020-11-18: Svaštarnica

- 2020-11-24: Radio Študent: 100db

- 2020-11-24: 100db Intervju

- 2020-11-30: Radio Študent: Anima Afra

- 2020-12-14:

- 2020-12-17: Odzven

- 2020-12-25: Partijska linija

- 2020-12-29: Radio Študent: Oprema 100db

- 2020-12-29: beehype TOP 2020 (9.)

- 2020-12-30: Naj Tolpa Bumov 2020 (14.)