Drago Sabian - Scapegoats Landscapes

ŠOP #126 | 2021/02/16

Nadčasna godbena fuzija iz Vojnika.

Music and ‘lyrics’ by Drago Sabian.
All instruments and vocals by Drago Sabian.
Except: Bernardka S. – flute #13.
Sara S. – live recording #16.
Recorded in mixed by Drago Sabian too.
Mastered by eMastered.

Cover art by Dani Bedrač.

To make the instruments sound as they sound; PeterJ.
Thanks Jure.R. in Boštjan.L. for an immeasurable will in revealing musical magic.
Thanks to my wife who has to listen to these sounds 100 and 100 times, mostly in the middle of the night ;-)
Sara, thanks for all reviews.
Special thanks to all my friends who believe in the new day.

Drago Sabian can also be found here >>> scapegoatslandscapes.bandcamp.com/releases
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